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Issue No. 22, 1st Quarter 2007

Editor: Linda Radon

President's Message

The new year is on it's way to a very exciting start for our company. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for trusting us with the responsibility of serving them.
The pursuit of building boats is a balance of art, science and craft that takes place in a business environment. Our business is dedicated to meeting the opportunities and challenges facing us in the future.

Don Radon


We wish all of our readers a happy, healthy and productive 2007.




Featured Boats


# 1 - Sean Devine's 29' Radon

Sean Devine's Radon 29' Sean Devine's Radon 29'

Sea trial day in the Santa Barbara channel


A few months ago, we delivered a new 29' custom Radon to Dr. Sean Devine. Sean is an experienced free diver and had some good ideas about the customizing of his boat. When Sean launches his boat at the Santa Barbara launching ramp, we often hear about it from bystanders who are impressed with his boat. Because of this, we often know when Sean is in Santa Barbara even though he lives in San Luis Obispo county!


Sean's boat is equipped with a Volvo D6 - 350 HP with a DPH outdrive. It also has a flush deck and step-down, enclosed head.


Below are some photos Sean was kind enough to share with us.

Sean Devine's Radon 29'
Sean's friends, John Belsher and Brad Felger, hanging out on the back deck of Sean's boat

Sean Devine's Radon 29'
John Bechtold on the stern of Sean's boat before a white sea bass trip

Sean Devine's Radon 29'
The extended overhead gives added shade. Also shown here is the aft step down head, fiberglass bait tank and removable ice chest.

Sean Devine's Radon 29'
Sean uses portable deck chairs for seating flexibility

Sean Devine's Radon 29' 
Microwave with DC refrigerator/freezer beneath

Sean Devine's Radon 29'
Volvo D6 350 HP diesel engine -
this engine compartment showcases how important it is to have easy access while working on the engine

Sean Devine's Radon 29' 
Jake, Sean's son, with his first calicos, speared off Santa Rosa Island
Good job, Jake!

Sean Devine's Radon 29'
Sean and his brother Tim returning from Santa Cruz Island

Sean Devine's Radon 29' 
Brad Felger, Barry Lundgren and Sean on a lobster
hunting trip at Santa Cruz Island

Sean Devine's Radon 29'





# 2 Joe Carrillo's 22' Radon

Joe Carrillo's 22' Radon
Joe with his new boat

Joe Carrillo, second-time Radon boat owner and avid fisherman, recently took delivery of his new custom 22' Radon. Joe's boat is powered with a 200 HP Honda outboard. With an open back cabin, there is easy access to his cuddy area. It also has wide walkways and an ample stainless bow rail to enable Joe to follow his fish around the bow. It has a custom baiting station. Joe's early years as a commercial fisherman contributed to his personal touches which made the boat very practical for his primary use - fishing, fishing and more fishing!

Joe Carrillo's 22' Radon
Don with Joe's boat

First Radon
Here is Don's dad with the first "Radon"





Radon Family News!

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Schroeder of Paso Robles, CA, announce the engagement of their daughter, Sarah Lynn Schroeder, to 
Joshua Michael Radon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Radon, of Santa Barbara, CA. A June wedding is planned. 
Sarah is a 1998 graduate of Paso Robles High School, a 2002 graduate of Cal State University, Fullerton, and a 2004 graduate of UCSB's Teacher Education Program. She is a first grade teacher in Hollister, CA. Joshua is a 1996 graduate of Dos Pueblos Senior High School, a 2001 graduate of UCLA, and a 2004 graduate of UCSB's Teacher Education Program. He is a high school English teacher in Hollister, CA.

We couldn't be happier about Sarah joining the Radon family. There will be wedding photos in the newsletter in the summer.

Joshua and Sarah
Josh and Sarah


Kate Radon powerlifts!!!!

Our daughter and employee, Kate, went to the World Powerlifting Championships in Lake George, New York, and placed first in her women's division with a 407 pound bench press.

Kate Radon Powerlifter
Kate with the owner of the World Powerlifting
Congress, Kieran Kidder, and the 2nd place winner

Kate Radon Powerlifter
Kate with her trainer, Ryan, watching the competition.
Ryan placed second in his men's division, with a 710 pound bench press.
Check out their t-shirts!


Photos from our customers and friends

Chris Monk with a giant Humboldt squid!!!!!!
Chris Monk with a giant Humboldt squid!!!!!!

Chris and Joe Costarella with another bad-boy squid!
Chris and Joe Costarella with another bad-boy squid!

Chris Monk
Monk's boat in Bodega Bay with his friends Mike, Jerry, and Bob Carey's grandson Brandon 
(photo courtesy Bob Carey)

Brandon driving the boat
Brayden driving the boat

Pulling the crab pots
Jerry pulling a crab pot with Brayden and Mike

Pulling the crab pots
Waiting for tasty Dungeness crabs to arrive!


Maui fishing action!

Maui fishing action
A nice mahi mahi, Chris Egan (on the right), his son Christopher, and Chris' friend Bill

Ahi Tuna
Chris with a 50 pound tuna...

70 pound tuna
Chris, Christopher, and Mike with a 70 pound tuna

Scruffy Short
Here is a photo of Scruffy Short (Jim and Lori Short's dog)
Scruffy is Jim's constant fishing companion along with their other dog, Toby


Engine care - Part 3

Engine Care

This is the third part in a series we are going to share with our readers to help their boat engine(s) have a longer, healthier life.

It has been my experience over the past 40 years that the engines which were well taken care of lasted the longest. Salt water, in any marine environment, can be damaging to your engine even if it does not come into direct contact with it.

Part 3 - Proper propeller pitch - (try saying that ten times fast!)

For a longer life for your engine, it is very important to choose the correct propeller. A boat's engine connection to the water is through the propeller. The propeller's pitch and diameter determines how much load is on the engine, which translates into how efficient the boat runs and is a contributor to how long the engine lasts.

When you buy a new or used boat, one of the first things you need to do is determine if the propeller is correct for how your boat is used. If you are getting a new boat, make sure you talk to your salesman and be as honest as you can about how much weight you are going to put on the boat. The most important aspect in determining whether or not you have the correct prop is making sure that the boat engine will be achieving the manufacturer's recommended maximum RPM's (under normal conditions). Your best bet is to visit a good propeller shop and talk to them about your engine and hull. We use Valley Propeller in Ventura, and Brian is very knowledgable.

After the initial propeller selection, the following common problems may require that the propeller be changed to a lower pitch: 
1) Operating with increased loads (additional passengers, extra equipment, dive gear, ice chests, bait tanks, full fuel tank, etc). 
2) Operating with a dirty boat bottom.
3) Operating at higher elevations.
4) Operating at higher temperatures and humidity.
5) Excessive engine hours.

In some cases, you may have to raise the pitch. If for instance, you purchase a used boat from a diver who carried big loads, a fisherman that had a large bait tank on the deck, or a water skier that wanted a fast hole shot and you don't plan to use the boat in the same manner. A higher pitched prop will lower your top engine RPM's and give the boat more speed and usually better fuel economy. Using a higher pitched prop is acceptable as long as the engine is reaching it's recommended maximum RPM's.

In addition, the diameter of the propeller does affect the engine's RPM. Normally, if you are carrying heavy loads, you want to have a larger diameter prop.

Trail and error is the only way to determine if you have the correct prop.



New Baby!

Mike Anghera and his wife Shelly had their second child, a girl named Alessandra Kate, on January 12, 2007. Mike previously worked for the UCSB Marine Science Institute and we met him when we built UCSB their research boats. Their son, Dante, is 4 years old. Congratulations to the Anghera family!

Alessandra Kate

Dante and Alessandra
Dante and Alessandra




Bluewater Gold Rush/Huell Howser urchin diving trip

Some of our regular readers may recall "Radon Team" mentioning the book "Bluewater Gold Rush" by Tom Kendrick, in last Spring's newsletter. In October 2006, Huell Howser came to Santa Barbara with his cameraman and filmed an urchin diving trip aboard diver Mark Brubaker's boat. They spent the whole day at the Channel Islands, and Don and Lance Merker accompanied them in Doug and Mary Jo McLeod's 33' Radon. Huell will be airing the footage some time this year on his show, "California Gold". 

Huell Howser
Huell setting up a segment for the show


Don and Tom Kendrick
Don and Tom Kendrick

Don and Lance
Don and Lance watching the filming




Winter Radon Crew Party
December 2006

Winter Radon Crew Party
Here is most of our crew (and Cassie) - we had a few crew members who started Winter Break early












Photo archive

Photo Archive

Don & Doug Meek
Circa 1987 - Don & Doug Meek with a Radon 17'
Don driving the Radon 17’
Don driving the Radon 17'

Radon Team is finished for now! See you next time!

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