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Issue No. 12 Sept/Oct 2003

Editor: Joshua Radon


PumpkinPresident's Message:

At D.R. Radon Boat Building, Inc., it is all about “team work”.Though the concept of team work may be over-used in many cases, at our shop, it is our reality. This had never been more apparent to me than recently when I was laid up with my Achilles tendon injury. I was at the shop, but I was unable to get around like I am used to. My crew took over and made it as easy for me as possible. They would come to my office (upstairs!) and let me know what was going on all of the time so I wouldn’t worry. They worked with the same professionalism that they do when I am right there beside them. The shop never missed a beat and it was all totally due to them. This reinforced what I had always said- I have the greatest crew. Thanks to our Radon Team!

Don Radon

Don at his Desk




Featured Boat of the Month: Bill Parson's Custom 24' Radon

We recently delivered a new boat to long-time boat enthusiast and surfer, Bill Parsons. Bill originally thought he wanted a 22’ Radon, but quickly changed his mind after considering the size of his family, what he wanted his boat to be used for, and his needs. However, he realized that a 26’ Radon would be slightly too big. Bill’s boat was featured in the President’s message in Newsletter #11. You may remember that this was the project in which we lengthened the 22’ to a 24’. This afforded Bill the space to install a dinette and extra seating in his cabin. He is putting his boat to great use, as several recent trips to the Channel Islands demonstrate. Additionally, he plans on making a trip to Catalina from his home in San DiegoCounty in the near future. After Bill took delivery of his boat he sent us a particularly complimentary note, part of which said, “We love the boat and it has been a pleasure working with you on it. Your recommendations on designing the boat have been right on the mark and we have ended up with a boat even better than we had hoped for.” Bill has been an excellent customer and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for making the custom building of his boat a great experience for us.Thanks Bill.

Bill Parsons and Don Radon
Above: Don & Bill Parsons on launching day.


Bill's 24
Above: Bill Parson’s 24’ exploding out of the Santa BarbaraHarbor mouth.


Update on Past Featured Boat:

Wally McVey’s 29’, which was featured in newsletter #5, has been seeing its share of action as of late.Just recently, Wally and his wife Barb brought their newly completed 29’ Radon from the Bay area down to the Channel Islands for the opening day of lobster season. They had a very successful trip and are enjoying their boat immensely.We are very happy for them!

Wally and Barb Wally's Cabin

Above left: Wally and Barb in front of their pride and joy. Above right:A nice shot of the back of their cabin.


Wedding in the Family
Nicolaus and Cassie:

Nicolaus and Cassie's Wedding

Don’s cousin Nicolaus and his long time sweetheart Cassie were married in June in a beautiful ceremony in Sacramento. Don & Linda attended the ceremony and the reception, which were both wonderful. Best wishes from all of us to the newlyweds!



Meet the new Rigger
Above: Our new rigger, Jeremy, on the far left, sitting next to (from left to right) Matt, John and Kate.

New Employee-Jeremy

Approximately 3 months ago we hired a new employee, Jeremy. He is a welcome addition to our rigging crew because of his work ethic, his great attitude, and his ability to learn quickly from both his co-workers and Don. Before Jeremy came to work for us, he had quite a bit of experience working on his Uncle Curtis’s boat, as well as working for Curtis’s company. His company has provided the windows for our boats for some time now. Jeremy likes to fish, camp, and hike in his spare time. Welcome to the Radon Team, Jeremy!


Ralph O’Brien’s visit to California

In extremely joyous news, Linda’s father, Ralph, came in October for a week-long visit.He stayed with us and was a pleasure to be around.We were very grateful to have him since he traveled all the way from his home in Georgia. This visit created the opportunity for Linda’s family to have several family gatherings which we all enjoyed. Ralph, who is a retired oral surgeon, loves boats and fishing.Fortunately, we know a thing or two about those two topics so Don was able to take him out on a beautiful afternoon for a boat ride. Linda says “Come back soon, Dad!”Finally, something our whole family can agree on!Come back soon Gramps!

Ralph O'Brien with Daughter and Son-in-Law
Above: Don, Linda and Ralph enjoy the shade and each other’s company


Ralph enjoying the boat ride
Above: Ralph, kickin’ back on his boat trip with Don.


Update on Don’s Achilles’ Heal

Don on Crutches Don playing Golf

Above Left: Don on the way to the doctor’s office to get the cast off!

Above right: One week after the cast is off, Don is back on the links!


New Shop Dog arrow Cassandra:

We are happy to introduce yet another member to the Radon Family, and this time it’s a new dog!Now, this was a difficult decision for both our family and for the company, since we already have one shop dog and one family dog, and he manages to cause plenty of mischief on his own.When we decided to let Kate get a new puppy though, we had no idea that we were about to open a Pandora’s box fully of biting, gnashing, clawing, barking, and general destruction of all paper products.Yes, this is Cassandra, Kate’s four month old toy fox terrier.As a puppy, she is an unholy terror, reminiscent of the Tasmanian devil on Looney Toons.On the other hand, as you can see from the picture, she is disarmingly adorable, so you quickly forgive her for the gashes that she tears into your flesh.The resemblance between Foxie, our 14 year old Fox Terrier, and Cassandra, or Cassie as she’s quickly becoming known as, is striking.Just look at the picture below.Once you tucker her out, Cassie is a sweet puppy, but when she’s got energy, look out!Linda says the same goes for her first born.

Two Terriers
Above: Two Terriers?Are you insane?


E-mail tribute to Ron Radon, Sr.

This e-mail was sent to us by a Radon boat owner. We could not pass up the chance to share this tribute he gave to Ron Radon, Sr.:

“Hi Don,

I recently went to your web-site and learned of the news of your father’s passing. My condolences to you and your family. Even though I have never met your father, I learned of his greatness from talking with many mariners, divers, and fisherman. I do have a piece of his history though, and that is through my boat. I am proud to own this boat and feel it is an extension of your family in one way or another.

The legend of Ron Radon and the fine boats that he designed and built will continue through you, for there is no vessel like it anywhere in the world.

God Bless, Ed Blaschke”


Party at Pepe’s!

On a very rainy Halloween afternoon we went to Pepe’s for a” Halloween/Linda’s birthday celebration/thank you to the crew for working so hard while Don’s leg was injured party. Rene and his wife Diana gave Linda two of her favorite things; a stuffed bear and some chocolate, and John’s gift of Chardonnay is another of Linda’s favorite things. Here is a photo of the crew.

Holloween Party


Linda Radon & Brother Mike

Linda radon and her brother Mike o’brien on Halloween in 1954


The Radon Team newsletter is finished

But as always, we’ll be back soon with more tips and photos from D.R.RadonBoatBuilding.If you have any questions, comments, pictures or ideas regarding the newsletter, e-mail us at [email protected] are always grateful for any contributions!


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