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Issue No. 16 Fall 2004

Editor: Joshua Radon


President’s message: Lobster season is here!

Opening week is always a big deal around the boatyard and with lots of our customers. The excitement is the same for us all – the free divers, tank divers, trap fisherman or the person who goes down and buys a fresh lobster for dinner. This time of year makes me realize how lucky we are to have fresh lobster – what a treat! It provides us with unique, tasty fare that many people never get to experience. The arrival of lobster season makes us take notice that fall has arrived. This little crustacean makes me think once again about how wonderful it is to live near the Channel Islands. It is also interesting to me that the lobster makes so many people take so much notice. What do you think?






13 pound bug!
Wally McVey with 13lb “Lobsterzilla” caught earlier this month


     Featured boat – Doug & Mary Jo McLeod’s Custom33’

Our company has just completed a custom 33’ that we are extremely proud of. We built this 33’ for Doug and Mary Jo McLeod, who previously owned one of our Signature 22’s. The McLeods wanted a boat that could accommodate their family on long trips as well as a boat that could power out to the Channel Islands in a flash for an impromptu surfing adventure. We really enjoyed working with Doug and Mary Jo, and wish them the best of times on their new boat.

  Here are a few of the photos we took of the McLeod’s boat…

 Launching day

Launching Day
The crane operator lifting the 33’ and putting it on the trailer


Lynn’s Towing moving the 33’ down the road towards the harbor…


Towing 2
Don’t get in 
Lynn’s way!


First Splash
First splash!


Happy Don
A very happy Don


Linda’s dad Ralph is also happy to be along for the ride


Jeremey, Matt, Don
Jeremy, Matt and Don


30 Knots
Running at 30 knots


Front View
Front view


Rear View
Rear view


Some features of the new 33’…


The helm and dinette with the galley to the right and the microwave to the left


The galley with built-in fridge in counter to the left


Twin D6's
Twin 310 HP Volvo D6’s power the 33’


The head with sink and overhead shower


Stern Rail
Stainless stern rail with rod holders and swim ladder




Freddy, Nacho, Rene and Fernando fishing on the new 33’




Congratulations to Rene & Diana on the birth of their new daughter, Mireyah
August 8, 2004





Hello Don:

…Have more than 20,000 hours on the boat in almost twenty years, sure has been a good boat.

With warm regards,

Ed Poppe


Honolulu Fire Dept. training run


Fire Captain Terry Cano sent us these photos of his co-workers off shore at Kaneohe Bayduring training run on the 22’ Radon we built them.

Honolulu Fire Dept


Training run





Photo gallery

Susie Lang diving at the Channel Islands 


Susie U/W


Photo archive

Camara Icon


Josh, Don, Kate
Your editor with my dad Don, my sister Kate, and then employee Doug Meek in 1987. My dad was filming a boat test.


Radon Team is finished for now! See you next time!


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