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Issue No. 14 Spring 2004

Editor: Joshua Radon


President’s Message

While working on Harbor Patrol, Fire, or Rescue boats, (either building new boats or repairing existing ones), we meet many outstanding Harbor Patrol employees. We are constantly impressed by their dedication and hard work.  They are truly the “unsung heroes” of the boating and fishing community; they risk their own personal safety to attend to the needs of the public. On one hand, they address everyday issues, such as collaborating with us on the placement of a fire pump or cleat. On the other hand, they deal with catastrophic events, such as a capsized boat (see photos below). These brave souls face these issues and events with great professionalism. We consider ourselves very fortunate to know many of these people, and we would like to take this opportunity to salute them. 

Don Radon


Harbor Patrol Rescue
A 1983 front page photo from the L.A.Times shows a whale watching boat 
capsizing in the Morro Bay harbor mouth. Note the 21’ Radon patrol boat 
in the foreground – the Harbor Patrol officers on that boat rescued 
32 people from the perilous waters that day.








Castaic Lake

From Sean Martin, Senior Lake Lifeguard, Castaic Lake

“Hi Guys, 
Enjoyed reading the past newsletters. I wanted to send you the picture of our Radon Lifeguard Patrol Boat “Bravo II”. We are proud of our new boat and hope to get another real soon. We are complemented on the vessel all of the time, too bad we are limited to Castaic Lake. We would love to make a run to the Channel Islands on our boat. Keep up the good work!!”



For all of you C.S.I. watchers: the Castaic Lake boat was in an episode of C.S.I. a couple of months ago. We didn’t even know the boat was in that episode until we were watching a rerun and spotted it. Don’t blink, you might miss it if you don’t pay close attention.  (for those of you that don’t watch TV – C.S.I. is a show about crime scene investigators)


Fish Rap Radio!Fish Rap Radio

On Valentines Day, Don & Linda were the featured guests on Fish Rap Radio, a local radio show. Tom Raftican hosted the show that day; he very kindly honored Linda’s request to limit his questions directed at her. Don, however, was his usual chatty self. When asked if we had a showroom, Don replied ““The ocean is our showroom” That pretty much sums it up!



Morro Bay Harbor Patrol boat restoration

Those of you who are regular readers of the Radon Team newsletter may remember the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol boat re-power that we did a while back. Now we are doing a full restoration of that boat. The first photo shows the boat as it was when they brought it to us. The second photo is of the gelcoat being stripped down to the nub.  We will show you the finished product in our next newsletter, promise!

Morro Bay Restoration 1

Morro Bay Restoration 2





Salmon season is here and many of our customers are on their boats, lines out. We were lucky to have a taste of the first catch this week – Kevin Costner’s boat captain, Bill, brought us some nice filets from fish that he and Kevin caught. There is nothing like fresh salmon!


Meet Our Crew


Ignacio Lopez “Nacho”, Fiberglass foreman

Birthday:         7/20/45
Hometown: Mexico City
Height:  5’8”
Nickname: See above
Hobbies: Watching sports
Favorite part of working at the boatyard: The art of boatbuilding
Favorite musician/group/rapper/performer: Conjunto Primavera
Favorite movie: A Walk in the Clouds
What was your first boat trip like?  Scary
What did you know about boats before you started working here?  (How to) glass & paint them
Editor’s inside info on Nacho: He likes to sing while he works and he has a good voice



Rene Melgoza – Assistant fiberglass foreman

Birthday: 3/29/77
Hometown: Lompoc, Valley of Flowers
Height: 5’6”
Nickname: Ren
Hobbies: Father my kids, air brush, barber, chef, landscaper, painter, music producer, gardener, clothing designer
Favorite part of working at the boatyard: Is to see the outcome of the finished product
Worst part of working at the boatyard: Is having to do something twice
Favorite musicians: Roger Troutman and Earl Stevens
Favorite movies: Boulevard Nights and American Me
What was your first boat trip like? It was a good refreshing rush
What did you know about boats before you started working here? That a boat could also be someone’s home
Editor’s inside info on Rene: He is Jose’s brother and he is a very talented artist



Jose Lopez

Birthday: 4/22/80
Hometown: Lompoc
Height: 5’7”
Hobbies: Playing Play Station 2, making babies
Favorite part about working at the boatyard: Learning how to build boats and build lots of things & watch them as they are being created
Favorite musicians: Rap, GRR Clikk, 50 cent, Cash Money, 2-Pac
Favorite movies: Scarface, American Me
What was your first boat trip like? Fun & exciting
Editor’s inside info on Jose: He is Rene’s brother and you always know where he is around the boatyard because he is so exuberant and vocal


Kate Radon

Kate Radon

Birthday: 12/1/81
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Height: 5’8-1/2”
Nickname: Budgins
Hobbies: Swimming, free diving
Favorite part about working at the boatyard: The people, other workers, customers
Worst part about working at the boatyard: The heat in the summer, the itch
Favorite musicians: Radiohead, White Stripes, The Cure
Favorite movies: Donnie Darko, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
What was your first boat trip like? I was an infant so I don’t remember
What did you know about boats before you started working here? Everything my dad had told me
Editor’s inside info on Kate: She has the most infectious laugh you have ever heard



John Ziegler

Birthday: 3/25/53
Hometown: Los Angeles
Height: 5’10”
Nicknames: Zig, Banjo
Hobbies: Writing fiction, study music, surf, fish, free dive, go to the islands
Favorite part about working at the boatyard: Watching our relationship grow with our customers as the project moves forward, trusting us to do a good job with their boat
Worst part about working at the boatyard: Making sure everyone is wearing proper protective gear and properly handling the materials we use
Favorite musicians: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Pat Martino – jazz guitarist
Favorite movies: Telephone Booth (with Rip Torn), Deliverance
What was your first boat trip like? To the (Channel) Islands – 19’ glass over wood Radon. In 1979 experiencing a new “great unknown” matched the anticipation of getting there for the first time.
What did you know about boats before you started working here?  Sailed most days alone in my boat from 9-13 years old. Sailed semi-regularly into my 20’s. Sailed around the South Pacific (1978) – 32’ West Sail, 41’ Piver Trimaran, 78’ Schooner.

(It was then) I realized I could have a great adventure like the South Pacific in a weekend. So I bought a 17’ Radon from Don in 1979. Don helped me sell that boat

in 1985, which allowed me to own the first molded Radon Sport 21’. I still love, cherish and enjoy it today.

Editor’s inside info on John: He is a great cook and plays a mean harmonica



Alfredo Cruz, Jr. “Freddy”

Birthday: 4/13/80
Hometown: Lompoc
Height: 5’9”
Nickname: See above
Hobbies: Watching the Raiders and Lakers play, clubbing and relaxing with my kids
Favorite part about working in the boatyard: Seeing the boats when they are finally done
Worst part about working in the boatyard: Itching from working with fiberglass and getting dirty
Favorite musician: Cash Money and G-Unit
Favorite movies: Scarface and Colors
What was your first boat trip like? Tight
Editor’s inside info on Freddy: He is very dedicated to being a good father



Matt Reid

Birthday: 1/21/77
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Height: 6’
Nickname: Matty
Hobbies: Fishing (Tuna!)
Favorite part of working here: Working on amazing boats – installing engines
Worst part of working here: Not being able to have one of those boats
Favorite movie: The Abyss
What was your first boat trip like? Rock cod fishing at the 12 mile reef in a 19’ center console Proline in 12’ high seas
Editor’s inside info on Matt: He always knows where the bite is at any time for any type of fish



Jeremy McCune

Birthday: 4/30/76
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Height: 5’11”
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, weight lifting
Favorite part of working at the boatyard: A sense of accomplishment when completing a project well
Worst part of working at the boatyard: Having to do something more than once because it wasn’t done right the first time
Favorite musician: Neil Young
Favorite movie: Jeremiah Johnson
What was your first boat trip like? Got sea sick but caught a salmon so it was worth it
What did you know about boats before you started working here? Less than I do now
Editor’s inside info on Jeremy: He has lived in many places including Alaska & Montana; he is very knowledgeable about vitamins and nutrition



Michael Gasca

Birthday: 8/13/75
Hometown: El Centro
Height: 5’10”
Nickname: Mike
Hobbies: Play basketball and handball
Favorite part of working at the boatyard: Building and helping the “Team”
Worst part of working here: Grinding fiberglass
Favorite musician: Old School
Favorite movie: Bad Boys
What was your first boat trip like? Never been on a boat trip   (Editors note: We’ll have to take care of that soon)
What did you know about boats when you started working here?  Boats float on water
Editor’s inside info on Michael: He is our newest employee


Josh Radon

Josh Radon, Editor

Your birthday: 5/14/78
Hometown: Goleta!
Height: 5’10” (+ or – one inch)
Nicknames: Yoshi, March Hare, Asshat
Hobbies: Guitar, video games, reading, teaching
Favorite part of working here: (For me there is) No manual labor! Just writing!
Worst part of working here: It’s all good
Favorite musician: Radiohead
Favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back
What was your first boat trip like? I don’t know, I was like 4 months old
What did you know about boats before you started working here? That they were the reason I was able to go to college
Don & Linda’s inside information on Josh: He is a first class mimic – just ask him to do an imitation of our governor, ARNOLD or Karl Malone, NBA player


Update on the Radon 33’

Since our last newsletter we have started the rigging process on the 33’. The engines are installed, as well as the electronics and many of the other options. We will show you the finished product in the next newsletter.

Radon 22 and 33
Here you can see the Radon 33’ in the background. 
In the foreground is the 33’ customer’s first Radon 22’.


Photo archive

Camara Icon

Radon 17
This photo of our 17’ Radon was taken off the coast of Santa Barbara in the mid 1980’s. 
If you are not able to read the side of the boat, it says “Radon Team”   The more things 
change, the more they stay the same!

This is the end of this issue. More to come 
next time!


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