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Issue No. 21 Fall 2006

Editor: Linda Radon


President's Message

There are some boat builders in this great wide world that profess to build "Radons" or "like Radons" but be careful not to believe everything you hear or read. In the past, the Radon namewas not as well protected as it should have been and this has caused quite a lot of confusion for our customers. People have used the name or said they build Radons that either weren't authorized to use it or no longer had the right to use it.


My father, Ron Radon, Sr. created the name and he and my mom Velma sold the name to Linda & I in 1987.

Over the years, the name Radon has come to stand for quality, dependability and seaworthiness. Even if someone says they build a "Radon" type boat, that does not mean they put the quality into the boat and/or have the experience to know how to build it correctly. We at D.R. Radon Boat Building, Inc. continue to strive to achieve the high standards which set us apart from other boat builders.


So, do not be deceived! We are the only company on the planet Earth that has the right to use the name "Radon Boats".

                                                                       Don Radon





Featured Boats


# 1 - Los Angeles County Lifeguard/ Fire boat

A few months ago we delivered our second boat to Castaic Lake. This boat was different from the first boat we built then (see Radon Team Newsletter Issue #6) because it was specifically meant to fight fires at Castaic - boats on fire and fires on the shore line.

Los Angeles County Lifeguard/ Fire boat

This new fire fighting/ patrol boat has a Mercruiser 496 MAG HO, 425 HP 8.1 Liter engine with a Bravo 2 outdrive and a stainless four blade prop. It has a Hale fire pump and nozzle which can pump out 500 gallons of water per minute.

Transom view w/ swim step
Transom view w/ swim step

Samson post in front of engine compartment
Samson post in front of engine compartment

Don & Matt installing fire pump engine
Don & Matt installing fire pump engine

Fire pump engine compartment
Fire pump engine compartment

Water pressure gauge
Water pressure gauge
Water valves for the pump
Water valves for the pump

Samson post and bow roller
Samson post and bow roller

The new 22’ awaiting the first sea trial
The new 22' awaiting the first sea trial

First sea trial in Santa Barbara....

First sea trial in Santa Barbara

First sea trial in Santa Barbara

On Display
The boat was displayed at the Hall of Administration, downtown Los Angeles, as part of an 
honorary tribute to the lake lifeguards 75th anniversary service inception


A dedication ceremony was held in July for the new boat. Below Is a copy of the program they created for the occasion

Dedication ceremony program


Ralph Searcy 
Here is Ralph Searcy, Supervising Lake Lifeguard at Lake Castaic, 
speaking at the dedication.
Ralph was our main contact and a big help at Lake Castaic during the boat construction


Ralph, Millie, and Russ 
Ralph Searcy, Millie Jones (Field Deputy for 5th District Supervisor Mike Antonovich) and
Russ Guiney (Director of Parks & Recreation, County of Los Angeles)
christen the boat before it launches




Using a hose 
This photo shows a patrolman/lifeguard demonstrating how they use a hose to put 
out fires when they use the first lifeguard boat we built for L.A. County...

Fire Pump ...in the second and third photos they are demonstrating how the fire pump works in the new boat. 
  Fire Pump

Don at the pump
Don in control of water nozzle

Hangin’ with the V.I.P.s
From left: Don, Linda, Pete Moore (Senior Lake Lifeguard), Ralph, 
Millie, Lori Bennett (Regional Park Superintendent), Russ, and Jared
Kingsbury(Recurrent Lake Lifeguard)




# 2 featured boat - Chris Monk's 29'

Chris Monk's 29'
Chris's boat at the dock in Bodega Bay harbor

We recently went on a salmon fishing trip with Chris. Along for the adventure was another customer of ours, Bob Costarella, and Bob's son Joe. Bob is a friend of Chris's and ordered a Classic 26' Radon from us after seeing Chris's boat.

Chris at the helm
Chris at the helm

Joe, Bob and Chris before the trip
Joe, Bob and Chris before the trip


On the way out of the Bodega Bay harbor...

Linda & Don
Linda & Don

Don and Bob Costarella
Don and Bob Costarella

With Joe's help, Linda catches the first fish...
With Joe’s help, Linda catches the first fish…

Don and Bob Costarella
and here it is

Joe Costarella with a fine salmon
Joe Costarella with a fine salmon

Bob and Joe with a salmon in the net
Bob and Joe with a salmon in the net

Don & Chris
Don & Chris

Chris Monk, fisherman extraordinaire!
Chris Monk, fisherman extraordinaire!

Joe nets one...
Joe nets one

and puts it in Chris’ fish box
...and puts it in Chris' fish box

A giant thanks to Chris for taking us along on his boat!


Here are the stats from Chris's first boat test:



The Radon crew with Chris on the day that he picked up his boat
The Radon crew with Chris on the day that he picked up his boat




Radon Sunset
(Photo courtesy of Lance Merker)

Shop Boating Tip


Many times on television, newspaper and radio you see or hear public service announcements regarding boating safety, especially during certain times of year. We strongly believe in these types of announcements. However, we have noticed that they usually don't mention what we consider to be one of the most important safety items for boaters -the anchor and anchor gear.

Anchor's AwayYour anchor gear is important because it may be the only thing that keeps you from drifting into another boat, the pier, rocks, or breaking waves if your power source is cut off. If you should find yourself with no power, and no immediate possibility of having power, and in danger of hitting something, your anchor should be set as soon as possible.

So, when you are getting your boat ready for boating season, pay very close attention to your anchor and anchor gear. This means checking the line and chain for wear and tear, and replacing anything that is not in optimum working order. By doing this you may be making the difference between a positive boating experience and a tragedy.

Engine Care

Engine care - Part 2

  • Change your engine oil often. Most engine manufacturers recommend changing your engine oil a minimum of every 100 hours or once a year.
  • Start your engine and warm it up as often as possible even if you don't have time to use your boat. This will keep the internal engine parts coated with oil and reduce moisture.
  • Always flush your engine thoroughly after you use your boat in salt water. Many of our
  • customers use Salt-away or other engine flushing treatments to further remove salt and prevent salt build up inside the engine. The manufacturers of these products also claim that their products provide long-lasting corrosion protection. At any rate, we have seen some good results from these products and they are worth using.


Photos from our customers/friends/relatives


Dave Paden's Radon Sport 21'
Dave Paden took this photo of his Radon Sport 21 in Becher's bay off Santa Rosa Island
Doesn't it make you want to be there?

Morrow Bay
This photo was taken in Morro Bay by Scott and Julie Barnett 
while they were on their anniversary trip



Presenting.... At 7 pounds 9.5 ounces and 21 inches long...

Jose Antonio Lopez, Jr.
...Jose Antonio Lopez, Jr., newborn son of Jose and Clarissa

Alizea, holds little Jose
their daughter, Alizea, holds little Jose


And, Jason & Meggan Rick's new son, Griffin Daniel Rick with Dad & Mom, below

Jason & Meggan Rick’s new son Griffin Daniel Rick

And last but not least, Jim and Lori Short's new granddaughter, Elby

Jim and Elby Jim and Elby Jim and Elby



Web site of interest

I just found a web site that may be of interest to some of you: 
http://www.takemefishing.org/. Check it out!


Matt goes fishing with Eric Downs!

Our employee, Matt, with the 175 pound thresher shark 
he caught off the coast near Oceanside



Ralph O'Brien

Linda's dad, Dr. Ralph O'Brien, was featured in a Memorial Day article in his local newspaper in Griffin, Georgia. Ralph was a pharmacist's mate in the Navy on the USS Griffin, a submarine and patrol boat tender during WWII

Here is the photo they ran with the article
Ralph O'Brien



Waiting for surf

Waiting for Surf

Here are Don & Linda's surfboards patiently waiting for surf....





Radon Team's Power Lifting Star!

Here is a photo of our daughter and employee, Kate Radon, bench pressing 402 pounds at a power lifting competition in Concord. You go, girl!

Kate power lifting 402lbs


Radon crew summer party at Stow Grove Park!

Crew Summer Party



Foxie Radon, 1989-2006

Many of our regular "Radon Team" readers probably remember the photo below from a past newsletter. We call it "the boss" and it is of our beloved dog Foxie sitting at Don's desk

Sadly, Foxie passed away in June. He was a great dog and we miss him.


Foxie and Don









Photo archive

Photo Archive

Kate Radon 
Kate Radon, circa 1987, fishing on a Radon Sport 21
Kate's 25th birthday is on December 1st!

Radon Team is finished for now! See you next time!

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