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Issue No. 1         April 2002

Editor: Joshua Radon


A new connection to D.R. Radon Boats

Welcome to the premiere issue of the official newsletter of D.R. Radon Boat Building. Since we are excited about the interest shown in our products by boat enthusiasts worldwide, we decided to start a newsletter to keep in touch with everyone who wants to know more about Radon Boats. Each issue will feature news, pictures, and articles, ranging from what's new in our boat yard to tips on fishing and boat repair. Thank you for your interest in our boats and our company! We hope you enjoy reading our first issue and that you'll be looking forward to future issues.

Donald Radon
D.R. Radon Boat Building


The arrival of the new 29

As some of you may already be aware, in recent months D.R. Radon Boat Building has developed a new model: The Radon 29' ! This week will mark the completion of the mold and the beginning of production on the first Radon 29' . The new design has generated enthusiasm both here at Radon Boats and in the boating community. Despite the fact that the mold is only on the cusp of completion, three orders have already been placed for the Radon 29'. Although similar in design to the classic Radon 26', the spacious 29' will provide increased deck space, cabin size, and more available storage space. As Don explains, more space isn't the only improvement in the new design, "One of the benefits of the 29' is that it will provide boaters with the ability to brave rough waters at faster speeds."

Here's what some of the guys in the yard are saying about the exciting new project:

Rene MelgozaShop Foreman: "I'm looking forward to riding on the new boat...going out fishin'."

Rob GriffinWoodworking Specialist: "It'll be nice to see more options for the customers...Now they'll have more choices about things like the size of engine box."


Radon Team Merchandise

Radon Boats clothing and merchandise are now available online for the first time! Atwww.radonboats.com/merchandiseprices.html, you can order T-shirts, hats, stickers and more! Our clothing line features three different styles of logos, seen below.

Original Logo

World Logo

Classic Logo

Our clothing line also features a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Come check out our website and join the Radon Team!

33 movin out fast The first commercial radon ever sold

Ridin' High! Two Radon boats burn through ocean waters, separated only by thirty years. A longtime Radon customer just took delivery of this brand new custom 33', pictured left. On the right is the first Radon ever built for sale, in 1969, with two abalone divers at the helm.


Fishing tip of the month

For an awesome rig, John Ziegler (long-time sport fisherman and Radon Boat owner since 1986,) recommends sliding a torpedo sinker on your line and then tying it to a swivel. (The swi-vel acts as a stop for the sinker and prevents the line from twisting and kinking.) Take a two foot long leader and tie it to the other side of the swivel. John also recommends tying a big circle hook on the other end of the leader. He notes that you can vary the size of the rig to cor-respond with the species you are pursuing. John proclaims, "I've caught everything with my rig!" 

(Thanks for the tip, JZ.  If you have any tips or comments that you'd like to see in Radon Team, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected])


Shop Secrets

Having trouble keeping your windows dry while you're cruising the high seas? If you want to optimize visibility and keep water off your windows, apply a coat of Rain-X to the outside of your windows before embarking. Water on the windows beads up and flies off, making windshield wipers almost completely unnecessary. Rain-X is great for keeping your windows clear and dry.

-The Rigging Crew


That's it for the premiere issue of Radon Team. Until the next issue, come visit our website,www.radonboats.com, or e-mail us at [email protected]. Thanks for reading our newsletter and supporting D.R. Radon Boat Building!


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