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Issue No. 2   May/June 2002

Editor: Joshua Radon


Custom Boats Header

After a two month hiatus (normally the newsletter will be updated monthly), we wanted to start off our second newsletter by explaining exactly what D.R. Radon Boat Building is all about: Custom boats. Our boats are tailored to the specific needs of the customers.  Because we build our boats with the individual customer in mind, we have a unique interaction with our customers.  When we begin a new project, our goal is to make sure the customer is getting the exact boat that he or she wants.  The versatility of our boats allows them to be used for a variety of activities, like fishing, diving, surfing, water skiing, and even fire fighting!!!  (I.e. check out the harbor patrol boats in Santa Barbara.  Radon Boats have even had a hand in fighting the flames that periodically engulf the Wharf). This is part of what makes Radon Boats a superior product.  After acquiring a wealth of knowledge in our 30 years of building boats, our boats continue to be the cutting edge all-purpose sea vehicle.  Add the best crew of woodworkers, fiberglassers and outfitters we have ever had and it is easy to see that our commitment to building quality boats lives on!


Updates on the 29' Header

As featured in the last issue of Radon World, the 29' is on its way to becoming a great addition to the Radon line-up.  Since our last update, the mold has been completed and we are in full production of the first new Radon 29'.  When a new design goes from initial planning , where it exists only as a blueprint, to the actual production, the physical realization of the idea, it is a wonderful moment for the entire crew. Below is a picture of the first hull coming out of the mold.  It was an exciting day for everyone at the shop, especially the fiberglassing crew, since they have been working hard on getting the mold ready and laying down the first hull. Undoubtedly, they will be glad to finish their portion of the boat's production, so they can send it over to the rigging crew for competition!

29' Coming Out of the Mold



Shop Secrets


When wet sanding a finish, our guys always keep a spray bottle filled with water close at hand.  That way, it is easy to keep the proper amount of moisture on the gel coat as you sand away.  Another benefit of using the spray bottle in this manner is accuracy: you can spray the water on right where you need it.  Check out José in the shot below, practicing what we preach.

Jose at Work
No way, José! A self-proclaimed wet sanding expert, 
José displays his technique on the back of this 22'.


Featured Boat Header

Casey's New 22'


Recently, long-time sport diver Casey Schmitt took delivery of his new Radon 22' Signature Model.  Casey and his wife, Anna, pictured above, spent years on their friend's Radons and now they have their very own.  Looks like they're happy about it, too!



Fishing tip of the month

This month's fishing tip comes from the boss man himself, Don: "My wife Linda and I spend a lot of our free time fishing, and we especially like to fish for halibut.  After trying a bunch of different techniques, we now prefer to drift live bait while trolling.  The rig that I like is pretty simple.  I start with 15 or 20 lb test line and take a red sinker slider and slip it on to the line.  Next I tie on a swivel to stop the slider.  Then I tie about 30" of leader, and then finally add the hook.  Of course, you have to adjust the hook size to match whatever bait you have.  With this setup, you can quickly change sinkers by simply unhooking the sinker from the slider.  If it is calm, I use about a one ounce torpedo sinker and then increase the weight depending on how much drift I'm getting.  And by the way, I like using the shiny torpedo sinkers, as they attract the fish better."


Another issue of Radon Team has come and gone, but until next issue, come visit our website,www.radonboats.com, or e-mail us at [email protected]. Thanks for reading our newsletter and supporting D.R. Radon Boat Building!


Radon Surfers
Ron Radon, Don Radon, Steve Talley, Mark Connolly
Jalama, circa 1970

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