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Issue No. 13 Winter 2004

Editor: Joshua Radon


President’s Message

Linda and I had a great opportunity to drive across country during our winter break.  Besides visiting Linda's family in Georgia, which was fun and restful, we visited many harbors and waterways on the way and as a result we saw what kind of boats people use in other parts of the country. We were surprised to see large yachts on the Tennessee River, as well as dozens of small runabouts used for fishing (sometimes right off the Louisiana highways). In the same area, we saw scores of traps along the bayous which we assumed were for trapping crawfish. The experience left us with many memories, as well as affirming what we already knew: that our area of the United States is strikingly unique. The Channel Islands, beautiful and accessible for fisherman, divers, surfers, and whale watchers are truly a wonderful gift. This trip also served as a reminder of  our boat's distinctiveness. The Channel Island's extreme weather demands strong and seaworthy vessels, which is what we are committed to building.

Although we think we always appreciate what we have here, it never hurts  to leave home for awhile to reinforce what we already know.

Don Radon


Don and Linda in New Orleans
Don & Linda on the Mississippi River with New Orleans in the background






Lang Custom 29

Featured Boat: Tom and Susie Lang’s Custom 29’

We recently delivered a custom 29’ Radon to Tom and Susie Lang, experienced boaters and divers.

Their boat featured many custom touches; a stand-up head with shower and sink; galley area with stove, fridge, microwave, and sink; and tank racks built right into the boat for easier accessibility. This new 29’ Radon is powered by twin 200 HP Volvo diesel engines, which easily got up to 30 knots and also has a state-of-the-art Raymarine electronic system. Fortunately, Tom is very adept at using the complicated electronic system.

Tank Racks
The Lang's tank rack...

Dive Door
side dive door...

Swim Step
Swim  step, dive ladder, bait tank & transom cut out…

helm station...


Sink and Stove
counter w/ stove, sink, fridge, & microwave.

The Langs provided invaluable input toward the customization of their boat. As you can see, the result was awesome! We want to thank them for being excellent customers and wish them many happy years of boating!

The Langs

Tom & Susie Lang on their new 29’ Radon



Boat maintenance tip from Don: Fuel filters

When you do your yearly maintenance on your boat, don’t forget your water separating fuel filter. I change the fuel filter on my boat every time I change the oil. This should be done a minimum of once a year. If the water separating fuel filter gets water or debris in it, it could restrict the flow of fuel to the engine causing it to miss and possible engine failure. If you get water or debris in your water separating fuel filter, generally the first sign will be that the engine starts missing at higher RPM’s. After removal of the old filter, I pour the contents of the filter into a clean bucket so I can inspect it. If I see, for instance, that I am getting a lot of water in my filter, I look for the reason. It could be as simple as worn or defective gasket on the fuel fill. There also could be other reasons for the water and/or debris in the fuel filter. Regardless, change your filter immediately. If, after changing your fuel filter, this continues to be a problem and you cannot fix it, you should take your boat to a trained boat mechanic for inspection.



This was sent to us by Mike Blackstone, a satisfied Radon owner:

“Hi Don, Just thought I would tell you know how well your boat held up the opening weekend of rockcod season. My son Matt and I and a good friend of mine went out of Morro Bay Saturday morning, looked good on the way to Cambria but the s*** hit the fan early that morning. We made the trip down in one hour it’s 17 miles from Morro Bay. 17 miles coming back took us four hours. The south swell was 8-10 and the wind was howling about 30 MPH, the boat was unbelievable. It took some bad hits from the side and my butt was puckering thinking that it was going to go over but it didn’t. I am glad we were in a RADON, if we were our Whaler, I don’t think we would made it back.

Thanks again, 
Mike Blackstone”



SnowflakeWinter crew party

On the last day of work before our Winter break, we had a crew party at Stow Grove Park. As usual, everybody contributed food and good company. We had a surprise visit by Bill, our good friend and Kevin Costner’s boat captain. Our crew parties provide a valuable opportunity for our crew to interact without the pressure of the workplace. As you can see, the dogs had a good time too.

Radon Team Photo
The Radon Team


Linda, Kate, Cassie
Linda, Kate, & Cassie

Jeremy and Cassie
Jeremy & Cassie

Rene, Rob, Freddy, Greg, Nacho and John
Rene, Rob, Freddy, Greg, Nacho & John


Matt & Allie
Matt & Allie

Jose & Roman
Jose & Roman




Rene, Ramon & Nacho
Rene, Ramon & Nacho


Roman & Freddy
Roman & Freddy


Josh & Cassie
Josh & Cassie

Kate & Cassie
Kate & Cassie


Matt & John
Matt & John


Goodbye Until 2004!




A note from Bill Parsons

“Don & Linda,

…We love the boat and it has been a pleasure working with you on it. Your recommendations on designing the boat have been right on the mark and we have ended up with a boat even better than we had hoped for…”

Parsons Family
The Parsons family enjoying Catalina Island on their custom 24’ Radon



Progress report:  33’ Custom Radon now in production

The fiberglass work is now complete on the custom 33’ we are building. Here she is being moved over to the rigging side of the boatyard.

Custom 33'


Custom 33'



Linda’s Photo Gallery

Sunrise at Goleta Beach, January 2004
Sunrise at Goleta Beach, January 2004


Sunset at Hope Ranch Beach, February 2004
Sunset at Hope Ranch Beach, February 2004



Don & Linda (and Linda’s dog Pogo), in June 1977, at their engagement party
Don & Linda (and Linda’s dog Pogo), in June 1977, at their engagement party


The Radon Team newsletter has once again come to an end sad

But we will be back!


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