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Construction Materials and Techniques

Radon boats have always lived up to their reputation for two reasons: quality materials and quality craftsmanship. Of course it always helps to start with world-class hull design!

D.R. Radon Boat Building has over 30 years experience building boats and understands the difference between quality materials, and what most boating manufacturer's claim to be "good enough." Many Radons that were built in the 1960's and 1970's are still in use today. Most all Radons ever built are used more in one or two years than a typical sport boat is used in it's lifetime.

"We know the reputation of our boats is good," says Don Radon, "but we'll never give up looking for ways to make our boats better. Our goal is to make a commercial-grade boat that can be used continuously for 50 years. Maybe it's a lofty goal, but with today's modern materials, and our growing database of knowledge, we believe it is attainable."

The building process of every Radon begins with the hand lay-up of the molded hull. The mold is first waxed and polished to perfection prior to the application of the customer chosen colored gelcoat. Other molded parts are layed-up separately, then every component is glassed directly to the hull. Weight and balance are given the highest priority in both the initial design and for all customer customization. Most above-waterline structures, that are not molded, are made of state of the art fiberglass over balsa-core materials. Balsa-core has been proven superior over plywood for its impressive strength to weight ratio and its ability to restrict water absorbtion if the outer fiberglass gets damaged.

The final rigging, electronics installation, wiring and engine testing is all done with attention given to the smallest details. All electrical wiring is intelligently bussed, easily accessed for service, and clearly marked. Custom options make every Radon sport boat unique. Everything from a vacuum-flush head system to a hot-water shower is possible--not to mention all imaginable state of the art electronics.

D.R. Radon uses only the highest quality marine materials, and is an authorized dealer or reseller of the following manufacturers products:

Caterpillar Garmin Blue Sea Systems
Cummins ICOM FloScan
Mercruiser Furuno Heart Interface
Volvo Penta Lowrance Jabsco
Yamaha Magellan Kodiak
Yanmar Raytheon Maxwell
and more... Simrad Rule
  Sitex Seaward
  Standard Windline
  and more... and more...

D.R. Radon offers a wide range of custom railings, rocket launchers, tuna towers, radar arches, and other stainless steel parts.

Custom Stainless Rocket Launchers
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Newly Designed Radon Hull
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Strakes and Bow Chine
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Hand Layup in Mold
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Balsa Core Material Shown During Pilothouse Construction
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